The Litter Box

Recognizing the amazing Smudge community’s support and commitment to the ongoing success of the project the Litter Box was created. The Litter Box serves as a centralized hub for community-led marketing initiatives, enabling activities like influencer outreach, charitable donations, and potential exchange listings. This transparent and inclusive approach demonstrates Smudge's commitment to harnessing the collective wisdom and aspirations of its community. Additionally, Smudge's dedication to community empowerment is further exemplified by the implementation of a Meow Decentralized Autonomous Organization (MeowDAO), providing a democratic platform for decision-making and governance. The Smudge community and the Litter Box embody the power of collective action and shared responsibility, emphasizing the pivotal role of the community in driving the project's success.
Litter Box Wallet: 0xd5aB5894B40eC167Cd3f81F3Ab3d37c0C0941D7E