Tokenomics and Distribution

$SMUDGE employs a carefully crafted tokenomics model that ensures the project's sustainability and growth while promoting community engagement and ownership. Here is a breakdown of the token distribution
CEX Allocation
The majority, 80% of the token supply, is allocated to the LP. This allocation is crucial for maintaining liquidity within the $SMUDGE ecosystem. The LP ensures that users can buy and sell $SMUDGE tokens easily, while also facilitating price stability. A higher LP allocation enhances the project's overall trading experience and reduces the impact of price volatility.
5% of the total token supply is allocated to marketing efforts. These funds are dedicated to spreading awareness about $SMUDGE, attracting new community members, and fostering partnerships within the meme and cryptocurrency spaces. Effective marketing campaigns help increase the visibility and adoption of the project.
5% of the total token supply is allocated to support listings on centralized cryptocurrency exchanges (CEX). This allocation allows $SMUDGE to expand its reach by being listed on reputable exchanges, providing increased liquidity and accessibility for users.
10% of the token supply is allocated to the project's development team. These tokens serve as an incentive for the team's hard work, expertise, and dedication in building and maintaining the $SMUDGE ecosystem. The team's involvement ensures continuous innovation and progress for the project.
LP (Worth 28ETH) Burnt, CEX & Marketing Wallet Burnt. Check Additional Info page for more details.